Why Join a Club

Which Should I Join?

Social Media

They allow you to meet others who have the same goals and interests, speak the same language, or are from the part of the world that you're interested in.

There are many clubs available to students at BYU that are centered around specific countries and languages! A few of them are listed on this page, but for a more complete list and more information check out the BYU Clubs Page.

Listed below are some of the clubs available for students to join.

A great way to connect and interact with the members of a club is not only to join and attend meetings and activities in person, but to follow them on social media. Most of the clubs listed on this page have active groups on Facebook; make sure to check them out and join!

As well, there are some clubs that are no longer considered active by BYU, but still occasionally post online through Facebook

Those include:

  • BYU Canadian Club
  • BYU Finnish Club
  • Romanian Club BYU
  • BYU Vietnamese Student Association